Station 1

Located at the intersection of Lick Skillet Rd. and GA Hwy 219, station 1 is our newest facility, and functions as the primary station for business meetings, community activities, training, and other department activities. Station 1 houses an engine, squad, brush truck, tanker, ladder, and reserve engine.


Station 2

Located on North Lick Skillet Rd., immediately North of the bridge at Dollar Rd, houses a 1981 Hahn.

Station 3

Located in Mulberry Estates Subdivision, just off GA HWY 315 E, houses an engine and squad. Located at 85 Satellite Circle.

Station 4

Located at 7840 GA HWY 219, adjacent to Mountain Hill School, houses a engine.

Station 5

Located at 3435 Mountain Hill Rd, Antioch V.F.D. operates as joint tenants with Harris County EMS.
Two full-time EMS employees are on call at Station 5 24/7 in an effort to provide ample response times to EMS calls in southwest Harris County.Station 5 houses  E-One  1250 gpm pumper , in addition to the ambulance utilized by EMS.

Station 6

Located on Harrisville Road. Station 6 houses an engine and a reserve engine.