Join The A.V.F.D. Firebirds Today!


Who Are The Firebirds?

The Firebirds are an Antioch V.F.D. auxiliary group formed in 2005 by chairperson Marilyn Buice. The Firebirds consists of approximately 25 active members, made up of generous residents of the community as well as the friends, spouses and significant others of Antioch V.F.D. firefighters.

What Do The Firebirds Do?

The Firebirds provide administrative and fund raising support for Antioch V.F.D. This may include coordinating events such as the annual Backwater Plaza Block Party and BINGO parties to preparing community mailers.

How Often Do The Firebirds Meet?

The Firebirds meet twice a month on average, depending primarily upon current and upcoming activities. As can be expected, meetings may be more frequent leading up to certain larger events. However, there is no minimum required participation or attendance.

What Does It Take To Be A Firebird?

Becoming a Firebird simply takes the desire to help your community and local volunteer firefighters. If you have experience in an area that you feel would support the Firebirds or just a specific upcoming event, any level of assistance you are willing to provide is greatly appreciated.

How Do I Join?

For more information on the Firebirds or to join, please call 706-576-5559 or email us at