How do I contact Antioch V.F.D. if I see a fire or have a fire at my home?

ALWAYS call 911 in the event of any emergency. 911 emergency operators will dispatch all necessary emergency personnel based on the nature of the emergency, to include fire, police, EMS and forestry services.

How do all volunteers know when to respond to a fire or other emergency situation?

All volunteers carry a pager and/or radio, which dispatches the type of call and location.

My child is having a birthday, and I would like to have a ‘fireman’ birthday party. Can we have a birthday party at Antioch V.F.D. and what assistance can you provide?

Birthday parties are welcomed upon station and firefighter availability. Fire awareness and tours of the station and fire trucks can also be provided. Station 1 has full kitchen facilities, tables, chairs, and restrooms. Additional supplies will be the responsibility of the person(s) coordinating the event. Due to varying departmental schedules, some dates and times are reserved for training, therefore, advance scheduling is important. Please contact Antioch V.F.D. at 706-576-5559 for further details and assistance.

I have an old house or structure that I want to burn down. Can I burn it down, or can Antioch V.F.D. help me burn down or otherwise dispose of the property?

For training purposes, we welcome the opportunity to coordinate training burns, contingent that certain environmental and safety factors are met regarding the property. We welcome the opportunity to utilize properties for a period of time (a few days to a few months) for simulated fire and rescue training prior to burning the property. Please contact Antioch V.F.D. at 706-576-5559 for assistance.

I noticed that during and after recent severe weather conditions, Antioch V.F.D. cut down several trees, assisted in clearing debris from some power lines, and cleared debris from roadways. Can Antioch V.F.D. cut down trees or assist with other debris on my property that fell as a result of inclimate weather?

Antioch V.F.D. only clears trees and debris from roadways to ensure the safety of the public traveling our roadways, or in an effort to reach the scene of an accident should trees have fallen in the path of emergency vehicles. Additionally, should trees fall on a residence in such a manner that it creates a safety concern due to the tree itself or downed power lines, Antioch V.F.D. will assist as necessary to the limit of removing victims and immediate safety hazards. Any additional efforts are the responsibility of the homeowner.

There is a fire hydrant in my yard, and I do not want it to ‘stick out’ and be obvious. Can I plant flowers or shrubs around the hydrant?

Please do not plant flowers or shrubs around fire hydrants, or otherwise place items near hydrants that may otherwise prevent a clear view and access to the hydrant. In emergency situations, it is critical that firefighters be able to quickly locate all available hydrants and have immediate access to the hydrant. You assistance is greatly appreciated in keeping any accessible hydrant clean and clear of debris.

I want to burn trash and/or debris on my property. Can I burn outdoors in Harris County? Do I call or notify Antioch V.F.D. to file or request a burn permit?

Outdoor burning in Harris County is regulated by the Georgia Forestry Commission. Please call the District 7 office located in Waverly Hall at 706-582-3996, email, or apply online here for a burn permit online.

How do I get a copy of a fire report for an incident at my home or affecting my property?

Contingent upon Antioch V.F.D. having responded to the incident, reports are kept on file at our office. Please contact Antioch V.F.D. at 706-576-5559 for assistance in obtaining a copy of the fire report.

If you have additional questions or concerns that have not been addressed above, please contact our office at 706-576-5559 or send us an email.