Did You Know

Your volunteer firefighter responds to:

  • House Fires
  • Vehicle fires (I-185 is part of our coverage area)
  • Brush fires
  • Traffic control at accident scenes and EMS assistance
  • Severe weather – clearing roads of fallen trees and debris
  • Floods – notifying residents in low lying areas of danger
  • Search and rescue – from trapped fire victims to lost children in the woods

Your volunteer firefighters train
Volunteer firefighters spend many hours every year training, in order to provide the most effective and up to date techniques in:

  • Fire control
  • Fire behavior
  • Safety
  • First aid and CPR
  • Minimizing smoke and water damage
  • Engine pump operations
  • Driver training

Your volunteer firefighters work
Volunteer firefighters, in addition to their regular jobs, must work hard to:

  • Maintain fire trucks in reliable, good working order
  • Clean and test hoses
  • Maintain firefighting equipment and safety gear
  • Clean and maintain all six fire stations
  • Clear, paint and test fire hydrants
  • Install and maintain road markers for fire hydrants
  • Raise money for equipment purchases, fuel, maintenance, and station utilities
  • Maintaining a low ISO rating in order to keep your fire insurance ratings low

Your volunteer firefighters care


It costs an estimated $2800 to safely and properly equip one firefighter!
Please Support Your Volunteer Firefighters in Their Efforts!