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Posted on: January 12th, 2016 by Ben

Saved tax payers based on paid fire fighter national mean wage times volunteers responded times hrs on scene. Antioch has 6 stations. The department has an average response time of 6 minutes or less of having a fire unit on scene.



10/1/17 east side drive ems first responder saved tax payers $93.76

10/4/17 Structure Whitesville Road saved tax payers $999.25

10/6/17 Brush interstate 185 multi locations $141.00

10/10/17 19 mm sb 185 grass fire saved tax payers  $93.76

10/14/17 Cannon Rd automatic alarm saved tx payers $154.50

10/16/17 185 exit ramp nb vehicle fire saved tax payers $112.50

10/18/17 Mountain Hill Ct alarm saved tax payers $104